I learned how to shoot weddings back in 1979, sometimes shooting 2 or more weddings in a single day. I learned lots...especially about what NOT to do...

in the Early 80's I moved to Boston, and shot weddings for Portugese families. These were all day affairs, starting in the morning, and lasting well into the evening. Here I learned that no matter what, you make sure you get Family, and that means shooting everyone....cause everyone is Family!

Late 80's and 90's while I still did photography, I had moved away from doing weddings, until 2000...One of my former clients tracked me down, and sent me to OHIO, to photograph his Daughter's wedding....this was my intro into the digital age...we still shot film, but every image was scanned and digitized...

in 2004, I obtained my first digital camera, and 2005 I shot Digital Weddings.

End of 2005 I contracted with Lindelle Studios, and end of 2006, they were Purchased by MJS Studios for 2007 I continued shooting with MJS Studios for 2008 and 2009 with training sessions by Jeff Mantler, and one with Phil Kramer...Looking to incorperate some of the stuff I learned from PK, he's very progressive...

2010,While MJS Studios was good to me,I did not renew my contract, since oblications at home would make it difficult to meet their requirements.

I am available for limited events, contact me directly for your event.

the following is a list of clients shot for MJS Studios.

2-14 Walzer-Gold
4-11 Beres-Rivera
4-25 Schmidt-Kling
5-16 Undercuffler-Harwick
5-23 Yantis-Sanders
6-13 Morehead-Smith
6-20 Counsil-Spotts
7-18 Henssler-Zamperini
7-25 Hart-Wachter
8-8 Lapp-Hutchison
8-22 Bachman-Roye
9-5 Colloton-Leighty
9-12 Kragsa-Cannon
9-19 Bayliss-DelaBarrera
10-10 Richardson-Brown
10-24 Hoffman-Holland

Is it possible to see photos for some of the above weddings by going to http://www.weddingportraitimages.com and entering the name and date, the password is "studio" and then just enter your email address...