Test Shoot:

Can be a very quick event done in less than 10-15 minutes, will consist of at least the basic shots, head, profile, 3/4 and full body(front and back). Full body shots if not nude will be in lingerie or 2 piece bathing suit. This is to show any and all Tattoos, blemishes or scars.( In otherwords I want to be fully aware of anything that may require photoshop). Tattoos, Blemishes or scars do NOT disqualify you for possible paid shoots, I just need to be aware of them.
Escorts...Only on location shoots...I do NOT permit escorts in my studio.
Paid Shoots:

Scheduled for 2 or more hours, Hair and make-up may not always be available, so don't depend on them. You should show up on time, and be presentable...if you're running late, or having issues, allowances can be made...there's a big diffence between someone who shows up with kids in tow, and needs refreshed and someone who decides that they want to go shopping...

I have a series of Small modeling assignments or jobs that I need someone to work with.

These jobs will pay industry standards for the type of exposure that is required.

Whether or not you have tested with me, I may require a dress audition to see if you are suitable and meet the criterion for the assignment.

Jobs will be posted as to type and pay, details of the actual shoot will not be posted.